Dillon's Media Corner

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Taro Yamada Must Die: A Yandere Simulator Fangame:  A girl seeks revenge on Ayano Aishi, aka Yandere Chan, by destroying the one she loves the most.

Pellet Grabber: A Game for Two: A quick fun game for two were the two players try to grab pellets before the other one can. 

Shekuten Bomb Maze: A Mega Man Legends fangame, featuring a Shekuten who must blast his way through a maze in order to obtain a refractor.
Earth Defense: Save the earth from aliens by shooting down their missiles and destroying their saucers.

FNAF Nose Honk Simulator: All of the nose honks in the Five Night's at Freddy's series.

Jumpy Jetpack
: Enjoy some high flying action as you try to jump from platform to platform and avoid falling into the abyss.